Advantages of Fiji Mahogany Wood

Wood is the ultimate all-purpose resource and has been the top choice for building and manufacturing for thousands of years. Its renewability, durability, versatility and availability cannot be matched by any other product. Wood is suited for more purposes than can be named. Some common uses are furniture, floors, joinery, ceilings, joists and frames. It is a high-performance material, low in weight, yet high in density with excellent load-bearing and thermal properties.

Both environmentally conscious and value-minded individuals can choose wood products with confidence. Untreated wood is 100% biodegradable and recent programs in the United States and abroad make it easier for consumers to be informed about wood derived from certified sustainable forests, like our Fiji Mahogany product. Wood is cost effective, environmentally responsible, and naturally beautiful.

From commercial hardwoods to commercials softwoods, European grown to American, island grown to mainland, there is a wood to suit all needs and purposes.


Unlike other products, wood products come from a natural resource that is abundant and sustainable. The forests that provided this resource for us for centuries are still productive today. With strong ecological forest management practices these forests will continue to provide materials for years to come.


Wood products last for generations and are completely biodegradable at the end of their useful life. One only has to look at the remarkable, wood paneled rooms in some 16th century Italian palaces, monasteries, inlaid or parquetry floor in a 18th century French hotel, or the simple, beautiful pine floors in the home of the first U.S. president to see evidence of the lasting appeal of wood. Fiji Mahogany is disease resistant.


Along with durability, wood products are energy efficient. It takes significantly less energy to harvest and mill wood products than to process other materials such as steel, aluminum, concrete or plastic.

Wood is a natural insulator and is proven to be much more efficient than manmade materials for a variety of insulation purposes. For example, an external wall constructed using timber that is half as thick as a concrete or brick wall can provide double the insulation value. Also, due to its thermal properties wood helps maintain an optimum humidity balance, helps a room to warm more quickly, and naturally keeps condensation to a minimum. Considering the growing importance of energy efficient building, wood will continue play an important role as a renewable resource.


Because forests are a living environment they are constantly reproducing. Wood is available in abundance in many varieties all over the world. Our Fiji Mahogany is one of the most ecologically-friendly woods being harvested today, and ethical forest management practices will continue to allow us to enjoy the advantages of wood.

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