History of Fiji Mahogany

The legacy of mahogany endures in some of the most historic homes and landmarks. In the 14th through 18th centuries mahogany was used in Europe and America for decorative inlays, artistic carvings, designer floor patterns and custom furniture. Much of the earliest furniture made in the American colonies from the mid 1700s was made of mahogany. Over the past few centuries mahogany has been used for a range of products as diverse as carriages, custom furniture, plane propellers, car frames, and toys.

Our own grades of Fiji Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla) are from a non-endangered, variety grown on plantations in the tropical marine climate of Fiji, an archipelago located south of the equator in the western Pacific Ocean. All of our products originate from non-endangered, renewable lumber sources. Our wood is grown and purchased on a year round basis from suppliers who work in the forests exclusively for us.

For over two decades Wood Products International has been leading the way in modern, ecologically-sound lumber and farming techniques by marrying contemporary, responsible wood products to traditional designs and styles. Even the most modern interior design is accented by the warm, inviting tones and ingrained textures in Fiji Mahogany.

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